So just who is The Good Bamboo?

Meet The Good Bamboo, the newest marketing consultancy in town.

Take a deep breath and say it with me…

The Good Bamboo is a marketing consultancy-agency hybrid, that uses creativity and strategy to deliver sustainable growth in partnership with positive companies.

Bit of a mouthful, so you’ll sometimes see us shorten it to ‘helping good grow’.

Now let’s break down this longer version into bitesized chunks and explain what we mean.

Marketing consultancy-agency hybrid

Traditionally, a marketing consultant was there to give you an impartial audit and redesign of your strategy. They were experienced enough to spot problems (or give advice) on almost anything marketing related. Maybe you’re talking to the wrong audience, maybe your CRM has been neglected. Perhaps you hadn’t noticed your competitors had found a new advantage. Or maybe your marketing team had the wrong skillset, and needed training.

Consultants are strategic, basically, and not there to deliver creativity or create new assets required by the new strategy they come up with.

That’s where an agency comes in. Buzzing, energetic hot-houses of creativity, this is where ideas, assets and activation comes from. But with in-house creatives comes the need to keep them busy, so often they revert to similar patterns. Low awareness? Try a video. Low engagement? Try a video. And so on.

So, how can we say we’re a hybrid between these two polar opposites? We deliver a strategy with you… and then scale-up a bespoke team of trusted freelancers around it. You get world-class creatives at a lower overall cost, because you’re not covering the cost of resource you don’t need.

It’s a carefully designed compromise that prioritises quality and originality, we reckon.

Using creativity and strategy to deliver

It’s at this point we should let you know who the people are behind The Good Bamboo. I’m Nick, co-founder and Creative Partner. I lead on research, creative process and propositions, and asset quality. In my career I’ve been a Head of Strategy and Head of Social, so my creative style is shaped by results driven campaigns.

Alongside me is Eva, co-founder and Client Partner. She’s an experienced project manager with all sorts of certificates in Scrum and Prince2 methodologies. She’s also a capable strategic marketer in her own right, leading on successful projects for the likes of Coca-Cola and Virgin Pure. Her focus is delivery, so she’ll shape the scope and resources to ensure we’re set up for success before managing the project end-to-end.

We’ve worked together for a few years now, delivering award winning projects for the likes of Vodafone, Novo Nordisk and Qatar Airways. Now together with you, we’re The Good Bamboo.

Sustainable growth in partnership

Simply put, we’re not afraid of thinking long-term. That’s hard for a third-party to do, because clients want immediate results. Here’s an example.

You have £10,000 to spend. We could recommend a big splash campaign, papering over any leaks in your funnel with a load of media spend. You’d end up with more customers for a month or two. Great.

With the same budget we can audit your funnel and find where customers are dropping off. We’ll fix them one by one. Then we’ll make incremental improvements to your on-going campaigns and finally train your team with a series of workshops. You end up with lots more customers, every month. Wonderful.

This is what we mean by sustainable growth, but to do it takes trust. Which is why we talk about partnership so often.

Finally, we believe in responsible marketing. We don’t join the race to the bottom, but instead hone a strategy to deliver value for customers whilst ensuring our creativity reflects the beautiful diversity and difference in this world. This inevitably shapes who we work with…

Positive companies.

We want to work with companies that want to make the world better, and we’re motivated to help them achieve this. It’s as simple as that.

Contact us?

So, that’s us. We’re here in 2020, looking for ways to do what we love in partnership with great people. If you want to do more, email me at