Strengthen your HealthTech brand in 2020

Generate new leads and investment by telling the story of your people.

For a HealthTech Brand looking for growth in 2020, building a strong story of their talented people is a powerful and often overlooked solution.

Marketers know a brand is much more than the words and pictures that sit on a website. It is nothing more (but nothing less) than what people think of your organisation.

Where customers, investors and potential employees used to consider how strong the link between a company’s purpose and products was, now they’re considering three things. 

A company’s purpose, product… and people.

Or to put it another way, customers want to know what your employees think of their work, and if they believe in the company’s purpose and product. If you acknowledge this, and deliberately bring employee-based content into your HeathTech brand, it gets stronger.

Let’s break it down.

Purpose, product, people

We all know branding in 2020 is built on Purpose. For your HealthTech brand it’s probably a mix of care, innovation and disruption (we’ll be looking at ways of building on these common messages in a future article) and you have plenty of quotes from leadership expressing how important this is to your organisation.

Then we know your product is the embodiment of your purpose, one that is designed and manufactured with no compromise on quality. It’s something that can be believed in.

Ok, your audience will think. Prove it.

And the conviction of the employees living that purpose and crafting that product is up there with customer testimonials and 3rd party reviews as one of the strongest proof points there is.

It’s also probably the one that’s missing.

So what is ‘the story of your people’?

The power of stories

It’s more than what they think of the latest project. It’s everything, including who they are, what they do, why they do it, how they got here. Or what gets them out of bed in the morning, what they believe in, what excites them. 

All of this, in their own words.

If all this sounds like a lot of work, or a potential PR nightmare, then take a while to investigate the best employer brands. Usually led only by HR teams with the aim of attracting talent, the difference for you is that you’ll be a few years ahead of the competition, by bringing HR and marketing together to put this story at the heart of your brand (and not wasting this powerful content on job ads).

Remember stories are, after thousands of years, the most powerful way to shape how people think. So give yours some interesting characters.

Connecting HR and Marketing

Whether you’re a member of the HR team or a marketer, sharing your people story in your HealthTech branding is simple. It’s as simple as Support, Share, Show

Support means getting it right internally. If this isn’t already a priority, you’re not building your business for the long-term. Your HR team knows what best practice is, so reach out and see how you can help them.

Share means encourage employee advocacy. Get them sharing, and then share that content yourself. This is where the marketing team needs to support the HR team.

Show means using content to show the link between what you do, why you do it and the people who deliver on this brand promise.

Creating content used to be two separate processes, with HR and marketing teams ignoring each other at best and battling each other at worst.

What you need to do is connect these two teams together, along with their similar skillsets, shared objectives and linked results.


So, to recap. 

How to tune up your healthtech brand for 2020, ready to attract new investment, new talent and new customers?

Bring the story of your people into the story of your brand and increase trust, authenticity and distinctiveness.

Thanks for reading.