Supporting Black-Owned Business during Black History Month (and beyond)

Supporting Black owned businesses

This is a year of action, not words. To coincide with Black History Month, and as a black-owned business ourselves, The Good Bamboo is supporting black business owners with a free, in-depth website audit for their business.

We’ll make an in-depth and honest appraisal of your online shop window before reporting back on what works well, and what could be improved.

Challenge us, even if you think your site is pretty good already, because improvement is a constant cycle. Every action you expect your customers to take whilst engaging with your site needs to be honed to perfection, again and again, as technology changes.

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Registering for free, expert website support

To get your audit, simply visit the Contact Us page on The Good Bamboo website and leave a message with a super-quick overview of your business, your email address and a link to your site.

We’ll then look at your site from two angles. First we’ll act like a customer, taking a curious look around the site before trying to achieve a few predefined tasks. We’ll consider your content, messaging and experience from your customer’s point of view.

Then we’ll swap roles and look at your site as experts, analysing your SEO, site structure, UX/UI and more.

The final step is writing our findings in a bespoke report for you. We’ll identify if there are any quick wins for easy improvements, or point out any critical issues that might need addressing. Where necessary we’ll also help you prioritise your next steps.

We’ll send you the report within 2–3 days and will be happy to answer any questions that might come up. You’ll have fresh insight on one of the most important parts of your marketing funnel.

The small print should be pretty obvious. We offer this service in good faith and have the right to decline our service if we feel it’s being taken advantage of. Aside from that, it’s all about spreading positivity and knowledge so we can all benefit from a diverse, fair economy.

And you can be confident in our ability to spot potential improvements too. We’re a pair of top marketers, with over 20 years experience and 14 awards between us, and have been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s biggest (and smallest!) brands.

If it’s not for you, then help us spread the word and make sure everyone who needs it gets the chance for some support.

As ever, thanks. Together with you, we’re The Good Bamboo.

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Supporting Black owned businesses

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